Gifted and Highly Gifted

Gifted and Highly Gifted Program @ CMSS

Central has had a gifted strand within its school for over 20 years. In  2015, Central saw the need for additional choices in gifted education and began the Highly Gifted program that year. The magnet program focuses on accelerated, in-depth course work in language arts, social studies, mathematics and science. Additionally, Central Middle School is a school of science. This means that all curricular areas have elements of science, engineering, or technology included within instruction.


All instructors for gifted and highly gifted classes have over 10 years experience working with talented students and families. Our gifted teachers are instrumental in establishing a high standard of instruction and assessment for the gifted and highly gifted strands. All teachers have taken classes in working with exceptional learners, and all instructors understand the uniqueness that arrives with each talented student. Highly qualified teachers and academically gifted and capable students create an excellent modality for learning.


Central Middle School of Science is a neighborhood and lottery school. Many of our families attend Central for the highly gifted and gifted program and the focus on science. Any family or student can apply to Central Middle School of Science instead of their home middle school. The lottery application and lottery draw are both held in March of each year. There are multiple opportunities for students and families to attend a tour of our school, shadow a current student, or attend any of our public performances and functions prior to the lottery.


If you have any questions about our highly gifted or gifted program, feel free to give us a call at (907) 742-5100. Our gifted coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you may have.